Scrubs Style: My Top 3 Brands


Nurses work 8 to 12 hour shifts and for any nurse the shift essentials are probably: comfortable, high quality scrubs, good tennis shoes (read: sneakers), compression socks, a water bottle, and a great pen. I’ve purchased and been gifted dozens of scrubs, some that I only wear every now and then and some that I wear every single week- my “staples.”

I only wear 3 brands of scrubs and they are:

  • Cherokee
  • Jaanuu
  • Wear Figs

What I look for when choosing scrubs:

  • very soft, lightweight fabric
  • scrub bottoms that have a drawstring on the waistband
  • bottoms with back pockets, which is where I keep my report sheets
  • thigh pockets for my saline flushes
  • scrub tops with at least one pocket
  • hidden pockets and pockets with zippers are a plus

I’ve listed the style names and/or numbers of my favorites down below, just for y’all 🙂

(click the titles below to be taken directly to the company sites // City photos are by Hannah Schweiss, flat lay photos are by me)

Infinity Scrubs by Cherokee

The Most Reliable

Hands down my #1! Cherokee scrubs are the scrubs I’ve owned the longest (my very first pair as a nursing student) and the scrubs I wear the most often. They are the first scrub brand, that I could find, that really catered to my needs– a girl with long legs. I’m a 5’10.5 woman with an hourglass shape, Okurrr?! Lol jk!

Photographed downtown Chicago by Hannah Schweiss Photography

My favorites:

  • Tops: #2624A and #CK623A
  • Bottoms: #1123A and the joggers #CK110A
  • Jacket: #CK370A
Badge loop
Shirt pockets
Bottoms with loop on the hip
Thigh pocket with zipper
Comes in petite, regular, and tall sizes

Arya Collection by Jaanuu

The Most Versatile

[Use code TAE20 for 20% off your order.] I feel like Jaanuu’s style choices are just ENDLESS. Jaanuu gives me an athlesiure vibe and I love how they blend practicality with style.

Hannah Schweiss Photography
Hannah Schweiss Photography
Hannah Schweiss Photography

My favorites:

  • Tops: Dash half zip top and Shift v-neck top
  • Bottoms: Charge cargo drawcord pant and #J95039 aka the Skinny Pant
  • Jacket: #C94014


Bottoms \\ Brand name etched into the end of the drawstring
Detail on pant legs

Wear Figs

The Most Chic

[$20 off your order if you use my affiliate link –>] Honestly, Figs make you feel like an instant bad-ass! I can’t even describe it; if you’ve ever seen someone wearing Figs scrubs in person, then you know exactly what I mean. Figs make you look like “Damn! Who is that and what does she do? Because I want to be that when I grow up!”

Hannah Schweiss Photography
Hannah Schweiss Photography

My favorites:

  • Tops: Rafaella mandarin collar scrub top and Casma three-pocket scrub top
  • Bottoms: Zamora jogger scrub pants
Top \\ Zoom in, it says “JUST SAVING LIVES. NBD.”
Top with pockets
Thigh pocket with zipper
Detail on pant leg
Bottoms: Inner waistband pocket detail
Bottoms: Hidden inner waistband pocket

And for those chilly night shifts:

Patagonia Women’s Better Sweater 


On the go as a Clinical Nurse Educator with my in-service cart and my Patagonia. Pins on the jacket can be purchased here.

While we are on the topic of nursing, check out the most popular blog post from July 🙂



I am a Brand Ambassador for Cherokee Uniforms and Jaanuu Medical Apparel– both companies have sent me these scrubs complimentary. 


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