Compression Socks For Nurses

Yes, I wear compression socks!


You’re probably thinking only old people wear compression socks, right? Or, “I’m a nurse, but I’m young, I don’t need to worry about varicose veins so I don’t need compressions socks.” WRONG.

Compression socks: special socks that help decrease swelling, increase circulation, and help prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis or a blood clot) from forming in the leg. Compression socks are the kind of socks that gently squeeze your legs to keep blood from sitting and pooling. They’re not just for old people!

From Mayo Clinic:

“Compression stockings steadily squeeze your legs, helping your veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently.”

Specifically for nurses, or any profession where you are standing on your feet for several hours at a time (hair stylists, teachers, etc.), compression socks do help to decrease your chances of getting varicose veins and decrease pain in your legs and feet.

Me at work charting at my WOW. I wear compression socks every shift.

I started wearing compression socks about two years ago, after I had already been a nurse for five years. In those first five years, I didn’t really give compressions socks much thought because, I thought like a lot of nurses, “I’m too young, I don’t need those yet.” But, honestly, I wish I had started wearing them right out the gate! They really do make my legs feel better.

I have tried a few different brands when it comes to compression socks– some that claimed to be compression socks, but really just felt like regular socks, providing no compression whatsoever; some that costs too much; and some that slid down my leg before I had even finished report. The most reliable compression socks that I own are by Tommie Copper. A couple of years ago, Tommie Copper (TC) sent me a couple of pair to try and they’ve been my favorite ever since. 

Image belongs to

On their site, Tommie Copper offers details on the benefits of wearing compression socks and they aren’t limited to just being worn to work. They are also good for runners and good for your legs on long flights for those who like to travel.  TC socks are snug, but not too tight, and I think they are pretty stylish as far as compression socks go. I own three pair of TC socks- one for each of my three shifts. The ones I wear are the “Performance Compression Over The Calf Socks” and I have them in white, black, and navy. They have cushion under the toes and the heel, they are contoured for your feet, marked “right” and “left,” and they never slide down (←major key!).

Do you wear compression socks? If you try out Tommie Copper, please let me know what you think!




This post has been sponsored by Tommie Copper Inc.



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